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finished. we examine why tonight on "washington week." >> we passed 27 bills, the lowest in the history of this country. 27 billings. gwen: and that was before the majority leader told senators to sit down and shut up. acrimony, gridlock and politics as usual. >> it's almost like there's a gone campaigning sign. outside the oval office. >> i have now run my last campaign. i do not intend to wait until the next campaign or the next president before tackling the issues that matter. >> the agenda of the republicans saying to the president our agenda is nothing and our timetable is never. >> we'll take this one step at a time and i'm sure the august recess will have our members in a better mood when they come back. gwen: is this is new normal for democrats and republicans to fight amongst themselves until the next election? we dig deeper on that tonight with dan balz of the "washington post," jackie calmes of "the new york times" and john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news. >> award-winning reporting and analysis. covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this
company" -- 50 years after the historic march on washington, we go back to the scene with john lewis, who spoke that day half a century ago. where you're standing now, looking out there. that's all the crowd. >> it was good to be in the presence of lincoln. and i feel honored to have an opportunity to come here almost 50 years later. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- carnegie corporation of new york, celebrating 100 years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the kohlberg foundation. independent production fund, with support from the partridge foundation, a john and polly guth charitable fund. the clements foundation. park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb alpert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. more information at anne gumowitz. the betsy and
. >> so what's the president doing? four speeches in seven days. >> if folks in washington really want a grand bargain, how about a grand bargain for middle class jobs? >> but while washington waits for a bargain, millions of american workers feel they're getting a raw deal. fast food workers across the country who say they can't afford to live where they work, walking off the job to demand higher wages. now the economy is adding jobs, but those new jobs pay less than the ones lost during the recession. the president worries the growing income gap will fray america's social fabric. even the good news isn't as good as it seems. amazon adding 5,000 warehouse jobs. the company's warehouse workers take home just $24,000 a year, barely above the poverty line. america may still be the land of opportunity, but those opportunities pay less and less. in brazil, in greece, in france, we've seen protesters take to the streets in those countries demanding economic reform, demanding workers' rights, financial fairness. in short, a better life. could we see that kind of fervor here in the united sta
, the american psyche. washington doesn't want to find the waste and fraud. one sixth of the economy is gone. government just took it. i don't think that the rest of the world is enamored of obama. if you read the foreign press you get the truth. i love radio. radio is the singest greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh "on the record" you will hear rush say things you have never heard him say before. but first, in our one-on-one interview, rush limbaugh tells us what he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you. talking about the scandals, president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you think he says they're phony? because he believes it? or is there a strategy? >> no, there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama -- i playfully call it the regime as i know it irritates them. it is. it's like a regime. and i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies of great damage to the economy, have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, the
extends beyond the border of washington state into british columbia. it's one of the largest and most biologically rich inland seas in the world. jeremiah julius is a fisherman from the lummi tribal community. the whole landscape is sacred to us. there's not much contaminant free lands left in the united states. this is one of them. >> reporter: for hundreds of generations, his tribe has relied on the halibut, salmon and crab that thrive in these waters. >> fishing is who we are. fishing is our culture. and to us, culture is fish. it's just in our blood. >> reporter: but there's a storm brewing at cherry point, just north of bellingham, washington. this is where s.s.a. marine wants to build the largest coal export terminal in north america. nearly 500 ships would travel these waters every year, carrying coal to the other side of the pacific. asia consumes more coal than rest of the world combined. in the next three years, countries there are expected to double the amount of coal they import today. that soaring demand spells opportunity for u.s. companies, according to bob waters, dire
right around 3:00 this afternoon on the steps of the u.s. capitol in washington. everybody out! everybody out! time to go! you don't have to go home but you got to live the heck out of here. yes, there was a mass exodus out of washington today as the house of representative s officially adjourned for their august recess this afternoon. and like teenagers on the last day of school, members of congress just bolted for the exits today. once the final bell rang, bye-bye, see you in a month. washington is now heading off for its summer vacation. their august recess. what do you do when you're heading off for vacation? well, don't you tend to take care of a few last-minute things? maybe you run the dishwasher one last time. you take out the trash. you do all of these things in order to put your house in order. before you leave. and you do that so that you're not faced with a big, stinky mess when you get back home. that's what people do when they're heading out for vacation. turns out washington did the same thing. now, contrary to what you may have heard, they actually did get some
washington journal for august the third. potential attacks by al qaeda has part of the state department to issue a worldwide alert for travelers. the attacks may occur before the end of august with north africa and the middle east been the focus of that threat. wall street journal reporting that a bill is being proposed that would double the amount of guest worker visas. turning to the economy, the unemployment figure is at 7.4% with 162,000 jobs created in august. that is the economy nationwide. we want to get your take on the economy. is it getting better or worse yet go and how much washington how -- or worse yet go and how much does washington -- influence does washington have. again, for our first 45 minutes on the to get your take economy. you can call us on those lines. if you want to reach out to us on social media, twitter @ cspanwj. on facebook we have about 13 comments. you can always send us an e-mail at here are the figures from the front page of the wall street journal -- it also talks about the unemployment figure, standing at 7.4%. that is
series, first ladies, influence and image. next week, martha washington to angelica van buren. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> senator mark pryor is joining us this week on "the communicators." your full committee recently approved tom wheeler to the sec. senator cruz,, has talked about putting a hold on that nomination. any word on that right now? >> we are working on that. the may 1 say, thank you for having me on. people in arkansas to watch c- span lot, i want to thank c-span for what they do. back to the tom wheeler nomination, basically there is sentiment within the senate that we ought to repair this with the republican nominee. have acans would like to republican to go alongside the process. the problem is the we have not thecially released republican name that they want nominated. hopefully we will get this done quickly and senator rockefeller has said this publicly that he wanted to expedite that. my view is that you do not have to pare them. it ink that if we can do such a way that
the close their doors tomorrow. we have the latest response from washington, next. >>> a shocking and graphic statement from the man who kidnapped three women and held them captive in his cleveland home for a decade. you have to hear what he said. and the brave words from one of his victims. >>> and parents everywhere give their children the lecture. don't talk to strangers, but a child's real reaction when a stranger approaches just will shock you. >>> a global travel alert in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there's growing intelligence say al-qaeda is planning an attack, possibly in the middle east or north africa. the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow, mostly in that region and the threat is expected to last for the next month. emily schmidt has more. >> nearly one year ago, americans say what happens when terrorists attack a u.s. diplomatic compound. in benghazi, four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. now, the u.s. government is dealing with what could be a new round of threats. officials say they tr
threat. the latest from washington. >>> congress leaves town. one of its final acts before it leaves for recess. >>> the lawyer for julian assange. i will talk to him about edward snowden and whether the nsa leaker is safe. >>> it's a video that went shock viral. we'll tell you why it's significant. >>> it's high noon in the east. developing now new and alarming details on that worldwide travel alert issued by the state department. this comes after shutting down 22 u.s. embassy and consulates. it's unclear when they will reopen. the travel alert is in effect until next month. >> i'm quite concerned because i think there's going to be a big blow up pretty soon. i'm not sure what to anticipate because i don't know what the history is between the u.s. and this particular blow up in middle east. i'm thinking the u.s. is going to take pretty good care of us now. >> it always makes you nervous but you got to carry on. you just can't keep ongoing. you just got to go. it's the only way to get back there. >> the big question what potential threat would raise the ale alert level so high. what
folks on the map. it is the equivalent of martha washington wearing homespun. my new book is called "affairs of state turco -- state." frances cleveland was a jackie kennedy figure. they wanted mrs. cleveland's clothing. she said that she would not wear a restrictive thing. that ended the core set -- corset. nancy reagan was more than lipstick and high heels. the media portrayed her monolithically. there's is more to her fashion sense. -- there is more to her fashion sense. michelle may be a fashionable woman but, she is a ivy league attorney. she has had all. she is the image of the american woman. we look at first ladies for that. and i say, thank goodness. i would rather have them look at first ladies then lindsay lohan. their influence is hard to measure. mamie, the bangs were an influence. they would ask her about her politics and she would say, i flip pork chops. it was a cutesy and fulks see kind of way of disarming it -- folksy kind of way of disarming it. the first lady does not have a bullet -- a bully pulpit, but a velvet glove. >> madison avenue does presidential ads wit
of ceos from small business by also start ups. in washington d.c. they only hate you when your successful. then we're going to open it up to the audience. as - >> we work with people all over the united states. we have an intelligent to do that we're suppliers there and we get to them and explain the how and why and what to do. and that's another way to leverage our networks and our stories to be able to do that. and march for innovation that's a great thing it's allblast about how easy it is to do those things. i take every opportunity to be out there talking to people because numbers are great bs but as human nature it's better to put a face to a story and i encourage you to all do that. our start up was because we decided to get together and do that. he's from kansas and he takes every opportunity to talk about our stories. we have a network to make sure we keep going forward with this >> thank you we're going to go to questions from the audience. we're going to start with a few partners. first bob who's president and ceo of the san francisco chamber and if i'm not imposing too much
in the civil rights movment." he joins us from washington. taylor, good to have you on the program. >> i wish i could be with you. tavis: i wish we could have you in the studio. you have spent basically your life working on this icon a trilogy, and then you end up with a book that basically distills it all down. why did you do this? >> teachers have told me for many years that while they love the story, 800-page books are a little much to assign college students, let alone high school, and that weighed on me. the other thing is that it has been 50 years since the crest of the movement, and america still does not really appreciate how much we benefit from that. there are still many people hiding from the great benefits of the 1960's, so i wanted to do something to crystallize that. the lessons from the people in the civil rights era. tavis: what lessons do you think that the american public, by and large, as we approach the anniversary -- we will talk about that in a moment -- what do they still seem blind to? >> george wallace pledged segregation forever. this country was segregated. all throug
>>> cruisin' for a bruisin'. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. remember what president obama said about the republicans about how their endless symbolic votes to kill obama care are now part of american law, by the way, don't constitute an economic plan? well, they didn't get the word. before the congress left for a five-week vacation today, they had one last piece of business to attend to. it wasn't creating jobs. it was another vote to kill obama care. if you're scoring this at home, it's the 40th time the republican-led house voted to of repeal is, defund or cripple the law. it is government by tantrum meaningless. meaningless measures, meaningless roll calls, meaningless speeches as they say down in texas, it's all hat and no cattle. republicans are united against obama care when it comes to votes like this one, but a warring faction of tea party republicans led by ted cruz of texas are making it very real threat to shut down the u.s. government if the law is not killed. apparently the strategy is being lambas
. it is not isolated to washington. it goes to your chief consul's office. discovery, do our that is where the rub is. you promised us full cooperation and yet the office of chief consul apparently has 70 attorneys delivering for documents a day per attorney, and they look like this. print, 6103.inute documentss working on , four pages a day or lawyer -- her lawyer. per lawyer. this minimal reduction is required by law? >> i have a couple statements. take --take lisi -- to redact information specific to taxpayers. all information, bottom line, whether redacted or unredacted is delivered to this congress. >> you have delivered less than one percent -- six use me for standing but i have to get over your stack. you have delivered less than one percent of the documents to the committee. >> i disagree with that conclusion. >> that is what chairman cap put out. >> i disagree with that. if i am allowed to explain i can provide -- >> here is my question. terms.uced 63 search you added some search terms. i am not disagreeing with your adding. that is fine. i want more, not less. you came up with this. it adde
washington post." we are starting a partnership with kaiser health news exploring the health care law and what it means to you. let's hear from vince in minneapolis, was on medicaid.-- who is on medicaid. hi, vince. caller: hello. i wanted to go off of medicaid and suspend my social security payments because i want to go back to work to the bankruptcy court.because i still maintain my lawyer's license. i know from bankruptcy that there is a lot of people who filed a medical debts because of -- medical debts and it bankrupts them because of uninsured accidents. the aca does not address that at all. host: what happens to people who have had catastrophic medical situations, can't pay the bills, have to declare bankruptcy? can that still happen? guest: yeah, absolutely. the hope for those who support the act is that it will happen a lot less when employers are mandated to offer employees coverage, and individuals are mandated.-- individuals are mandated to have coverage. this should go a long way towards reducing medical bill- caused bankruptcies. there is nothing in the bill that would p
for "washington post." crystal ball, former co-host on "the cycle." and chris wilson and contributor to the conservative online forum so, thanks, everybody, for joining us. i guess we'll start, you know, congress is now the recess has begun. they're out for august. you know, who want to be in washington, d.c. in august anyway? it's 142 degrees there every day. the recess has begun and a really interesting week because around wednesday i thought i could start to see the basis. we always talk about some kind of big deal on the budget. the basis seemed to be there where there were some republicans in the senate showing willingness to compromise with the administration and then like we said, this thing got filibu filibustered to death. the caucus hasn't fully emerged there. let's start on the house side and take it one chamber at a time. what happened? when you look at the bill falling apart and moderates weren't for it and conservatives weren't for it and didn't have the 218 votes. what exactly was going on? >> i think we saw the markings of what the problems are with the
in washington. so, emily, former u.s. ambassador said today this is unprecedented. how big of a step is this to close so many embassies at once? >> we hear officials saying they are taking this ver seriously. they have said this number could expand. we've seen that happen overnight. yesterday we were talking about 21 embassies an consulates that would be impacted, now the number is up to 22. it's not just the u.s. involved. british and german embassies have said they're going to close their embassies in yemen. now the french have said they will also close their embassies. you're seeing all of this playing out because of threats people say they're taking very seriously. >> reporter: nearly one year ago americans saw what happens when terrorists attack a u.s. diplomatic compound. in benghazi, four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. now that the u.s. government is dealing with what could be a new round of regional threats. officials say they tracked the chatter coming out of yemen for weeks, and then it changed over the past few days, more of it. enough that key members of c
in the know said the worldwide travel alert is based on a very specific threat. the latest from washington on this specific story. >>> congress leaves town. one of its final acts before summer recess. something it's done 40 times before. look who's talking. anthony weiner again. the surprise question he asked one reporter. >>> a-rod talks about why some parties will benefit. who does he mean? let's get to what's happening right there as we have this developing news. alarming. new details on that unusual worldwide travel alert issued by the state department. it comes after a decision to shut down 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow mostly in the middle east and africa. its reaction to this threat is heighten concern. andrea mitchell has more on what triggered the massive closures and reaction. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: hi there, alex. administration officials and members of congress have been briefed on this and said it is the most serious threat in years. of particular concern, targets in the middle east and north africa. not necessarily limited to those areas. the administration
along. . know you feel that way we want businesses to go back to your brother and washington, dc dc how we can argue about things as important as we're and do so in a positive vein for our country? we share the concerns for the state of our infrastructure. we agree that partnerships are exchanging important. .e are ready to do that we're doing a lot of things. we have a nation six largest highway system. this has been identified as a key part of our strategic plan for the future. it is all connect it. not justindustry does use new vehicles over the road but by a rail. this is often transferred to why an integrated solution is essential. this cannot be fixed with a one- time investment. we reduce this by a half a billion. we have completed the largest bridge improvement plan in our history. just last week had had the opportunity to stand on the deck of a new bridge over the mississippi river, 16 feet board to go. i could watch this go down the nations greatest river. theas an awesome view. people that we serve know that we need to build the next great bridges and maintain the futures tha
have we come, where have we come to since in the 50 years since the march on washington. at the same time, this particular moment is framed by a three events, the first is in the last three weeks the supreme court overturned the domestic marriage act and struck down the voting rights act. at the same time seven days ago george zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin and the first african-american president of the united states, barack obama, made his second public statement on the state of race relations in the united states so this is the really key moments to reflect on, 50 years later and what kind of progress have we made in black america? so to start out with i will ask you each to comment and let you see as the impact of these three events on black political culture and what they say about what kind of progress is or is not being made in the twenty-first century. do you want to open it? >> thank you all for being here. that is a very provocative question. it is difficult to come up with quick answers in the heat of this particular moment, but i will try to addre
are in the "cnn newsroom" o. i'm anna corenn sitting in for don lemon. it will be an anxious night in washington. the state department won't know until it tomorrow whether a threat from al qaeda was a real plot for a phantom. in either case, the danger was real enough for nearly two dozen embassies and consulates to close up shop. and obviously this isn't the first time that washington has seen threats like this, but one high ranking lawmaker, representative peter king, says he's never quite seen one like this. >> well, the numbers are so biggie can't go into them other than the fact that it definitely is planned a very enormous attack, a catastrophic type of attack. that's probably the best way to describe it. and i can't really go any further than that. >> let's now hear more from cnn's emily schmidt in washington. >> reporter: anna, one of the most unusual aspects of the u.s. deciding to close so many embassies and consulates was that it came with a specific date attached, sunday. now that action is closely watched to see if there will be a terrorist reaction. >> out of an abundance of cautio
told their res could be slashed to 25%. lot of them are stuck paying close to 40%. no one in washington offering them a break or so much as a bone. wonder why they are ticked and wonder why they are here and wonder why they want to vent. three of my favorite small business salt of the earth guys jumped at chance to set things straight a baker, caterer and pr executive. trying trying to make end meet and trying to figure out a washington that seems to forget they're even there. they're all with me now. i love these guys. david mack cart r at thursday, baker, butch somali and small biz pr expert got fame housley in the big guy's face. pattyruglio. you have no fear with all the attention to the big guys and not you guys. what do you think if. >> i think it's a wrong. i'm f corporate america getting tax cuts. great for the big guys but problem is they're all c corps where most of us are s corp.s. so our revenue flows down indivially. so we're tacked at individual rate. that is just wrong. if they gave us the tax cut we could go out and do things like hire people and buy new equipment and in
, bringing their determination along with their broken hearts to washington, to advocate for gun reform. all of them, asking that even as we are horrified by the events that brought them to the national stage, that we also hear the message they are trying to amplify, while they are standing there in the spotlight. for michelle knight, it's a call for recognition and a response to the broader culture of sexual violence. given all that she has endured, she isn't asking for very much, simply that we listen, that we learn, and that we act. joining us now is zerlina maxwell, a contributor to the ooi irin carmon, and now the executive director of the service women's action network, and juan ramos, the core trainer for a call to men, executive director of community-driven solutions, who has worked as a court-appointed counselors for convicted abusers. thank you all for being here. >> thank. >> so this was a tough week in terms of this castro trial, and particularly on thursday when we were watching it. and irina, i kept thinking of you in this week, you and i are both survivors, and i was
evening, here at dulles airport, west of washington, we found some travelers concerned. you can see why. it's the peak of the summer travel season, fliers -- travelers are leaving from this airport for destinations worldwide and this is a global caution. at washington dulles airport, travelers paid attention to the u.s. government alert about a possible al qaeda attack. >> always be aware of people around you. and i think just a little more heightened at this point. >> reporter: the state department warned travelers the potential for terrorism is particularly strong in the middle east and north africa. that's where u.s. embassies have been ordered closed on sunday, in kabul afghan employees were told not to show up on sunday. congress was notified. >> it is al qaeda-linked. it emanates from the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: that's where yemen is, which is the most active al qaeda organization. it's the end of ramadan, when attacks have come in the past. whether a new alarm has come from an intercept with the nsa or a spy, analysts say it stood out. >> to close multiple embassies shows
into law that contains all these gobbledy gook. the washington politicians keep saying they want comprehensive health reform. >> how much does that thing weigh? >> you know what comprehensionive means, sean? i means unread. >> who wants to comment on the act wares. in washington, 106%. 86% in ohio. >> actually, sean, it's a big deal, when you look at how the law was calculated, the unintentioned economic consequences of obama care is disaster house. employers are shifting to part-time. what insurance companies are doing to increase premiums and game the system. all of the assumptions on which the law was passed, saying it's actually going to state of money are completely flawed. so the cbo needs to go back and recalculate that. >> the original estimate was, 900 billion, remember the president tried latest cbo number that i saw was 2.8 trillion. the number's going higher. was that a broken promise? >> we really need to go back to this point of the actuaries. it drives up the cost of insurance by a dramatic amount. in states like colorado and texas and florida. the cost of individu
serioas serio serios ademaÁs de eso washington cierra barvarias embajadas por todo el pleaneta . >> tenemos los detalles . >> en aeropuerto s en el paiÍs mi miles de epapasajkereros ponen atencio atenciÓn a alerta de ataque de a alq qaeda . >> alo hioio en las en las noticias . >> posibilidades de ataque terro terrorista es fuerte en mdiedioo or oritneente y norte de afriÁfrica el do domingo cierran 18 consulados y emabajbajadas udensesestadounidenses . >> teemonemos informaciÓn para cer cerrar esos puestos para protec proteccioprotecc protecciÓn del personal y visit visitantes . >> se trata de misiones en varia varias cesd siencias cdiudades como el cacairoel cairo te telaviv tambiÉn en isrtaael dodende irian este fs dsin de semana . >> dsicesiciocisiÓn correcta tenmeemos que cerrar embajada con evidencia de ataque porque antes no queriamos scerrar porque queriamos mostrart que la stituaciÓn esta bajo cont control . >> en la mente de muchos muesrtes de dipolomaticos en libia queda en mente . >> ataque que pasariÍa a lfa la fin final de ramadan donde hacen sacrific
that will work. martha abc news washington. >> back here. 1 author calls humboldt county marijuana frontier. tonight the border fast becoming the danger to bear and mammal. more than 1 16,000 marijuana plants enough poison to kill more than 750 black bear and other types of mammal. army of rodent. this week raid targeted areas near willow correct, hoop valley and/or liens. >> the banned pesticide kill mammal lake the weasle like fisher. sheriff's deputy also seeing clear cutting creek dam damping and pipe he moved from the ground. sheriff's office says it does not have any suspect at this moment. >> financial news. first people who purchased facebook stock finally say made some money. today facebook closed at 38.05 a share which is 5 cents more than its initial public offering price. lowest point the stock dropped to 1 17.55 a share. however ad revenue from mobile did he advice boosted aerption this year. stock has seen a 44 percent increw necessary valley sense quarterly earnings results announced last week. the initial i p o now made a nickel a share. >> one more note about fac
, i am proud to serve on that board. from catholic university in washington, who is started with the first song. there is no excuse for elder abuse. >> i am very happy to be here to talk to you all a little bit about elder abuse. there is about 5 million people. ♪ a little louder. you want me to rap? ♪ i need some help. my brain elasticity is not too god. i -- good. i need your help. turn to page 21. yo, yo, yo. maybe you want to stand up a little bit, get the blood running. 21 little -- ok. listen up. join me if you can. ♪ i want to stay connected there's a big world out ther e email through the air i may be over 60, but i love mp3's face time me ♪ here we go. one, two -- ♪ is urf the -- i surf the net for free my favorite cafe is the library i write to all my homies they know the adresdressee i'm great with advocacy ♪ we have to use the internet for advocacy and democracy. we have to be savvy cyber users. ♪ an e-mail from nigeria says i won $1 million a check will come, made out just for me ♪ ♪ what do i do? press delete looks to good to be true, it is
the more ons that we e sending to washington. i'm going to make some hay off of it. and the great washington game, that they never like to actually talk about is that the congressman and the senators get briefed in on programs constantly. and they always know about these things. it's not as if this is the first time they've heard about the nsa programs. and then the pact that they have, is that when something is expressed in the press they run to the podium and express outrage, demand answers when knowing the whole time what's going on. >> we just don't wecare, do we? >> we do put up with it. >> speak for yourself. i put up with it. >> we don't put up with it. we're doing this story and complaining about it. >> where do you stand on this? >> i didn't know. in the summer of 2001, the nsa intercepted information from two of the 9/11 hijackers. but they couldn't do anything about it. they used to have the tests with the emergency broadcasting system, show us this kind of information all the time. we should be informed as to why we need these programs, kennedy. >> this is what i will
looking to fly this weekend? reena ninan has been looking at this and joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it's a threat coming from al qaeda's most dangerous affiliate. a group that's tried to attack the u.s. homeland four times. using the most innovative and sophisticated ieds. it doesn't specify a target or a country, making it all the more worrying for travelers. it's a new travel warning coming at the height of the busy summer travel season. a threat, officials say, comes from al qaeda leadership in yemen. >> we can say with some measure of confidence that it's al qaeda-linked. attempting, obviously, to focus its attacks in the united states, u.s. interests, u.s. personnel. >> reporter: after amman al zawahiri, in a taped message, encourages attacks in the middle east. a worldwide travel alert issued friday, cautions americans traveling abroad, of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist inf infrastructure. >> i feel like they're not telling us the complete truth. a halfway truth. i try to put it behind
and washington. and internal platting of that block is actually highly irregular and which seems in this particular case that the and the additional distance between the building which is just trying to project the minor expansion in the building which is owned by the dr, and by the dr requestor and it is very interesting to see the platting because the building is set back on the jackson street side are all receding including an increased depth of the mid block open space and the fact that the intrusion in code of the building is really only 5 feet does it not each bring it in any kind of sweat of depth as from the party house and it is for us to comment as to that is appropriate that meets the guidelines that is analyzed by the residential guidelines. and this is modest and appropriate to the circumstance and i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> i know that the number of statements made by the project sponsor, i just want to verify that this is a talk about it gog only five feet u are going 15 feet from the back of the house and is it true that the existen
reports from washington on the u.s. debate. there has been little debate about iran's leadership inside the u.s. dislikes, distrusted, dismissed. as hassan rouhani takes over, some officials believe it could lead to a breakthrough in the stalled talks on iran's nuclear program. president obama had this to say. >> i think it says the iranian people want to move in a different direction. lacks the white house has been sending the message, they are open to talks -- >> the white house has been sending the message them but they are open to talks. went on netanyahu television to say that is not a good idea. congress seems to agree. the senate is expected to follow suit. >> with the election of theident hassan rouhani, nuclear program will not change. >> it is still an open question if president obama will sign the sanctions into law. >> we will find out in the next one to two months. so far, he has paid good lip service to it, but he has not been willing to take the risks necessary. he has not been willing to lead. >> president obama has warned, not a lot of time left to find a diplomatic sol
their doors tomorrow. we'll have responses from washington next. > >>> aaron hernandez has written a letter from jail. the letter wasn't supposed to be made public, but it has. >>> living under the sea is not just for fish anymore. the grandson of jacque cousteau has a unique new experiment. he's going to tell us all about it. >>> a global travel alert is in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there is growing intelligence that al qaeda is planning an attack possibly in the middle east or north africa. as a precaution, the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow across the region. we're covering every angle of this story. emily schmidt is tracking the latest out of washington, nick valencia is at the world's busiest airport to see how this is impacting travelers. emily, let's get started with you. this is a serious step to close so many embassies. what's the response out of washington? >> fredricka, we are really waiting to see what happens. you think about the timeline here, 3:00 in washington. it is getting to be sunday or very close
longer depending on the danger. let's go right to molly henneberg who is in washington for us with the latest. molly, what have we heard from the white house today regarding all of this? >> molly: white house says president obama was briefed this morning on the al-qaeda terror threat and will continue to get updates throughout the weekend. the "new york times" reports today that the u.s. has picked up increased chatter between senior al-qaeda operatives indicating a terror attack could be carried in and out coming days. tomorrow is president obama's birthday and also the day the new president of iran should be sworn in. for those reasons, the timing could be significant. >> you always to have watch out when you are getting close to september 11th because that is big dated for them. it's also a factor, the period of ramadan, a religious holiday of great importance also plays into the desire to make a splash at this point. >> molly: on capitol hill peter king says there is very specific information there is a plot, but it's not clear where it is aimed. >> heather: at the same ti
the trajectory of such washington scandals know, such behavior is a clue that those looking into the irs scandal might be getting warm. >> a brilliant piece in the national review. at example, again, where the reality is kind of catching up to. another one is the reporter scandal. ask james rosen if he thinks this was a bunch of phony scandals or not. >> ask any reporter. >> but example that the media undercovers these stories. the house committee had a huge report on this and it got almost no attention. >> all right. next, on news watch, will it become all hillary all the time? >> lights, camera, action. news out this week that nbc and cnn have plans to make movies about hillary. but how will that news affect the news division of the two networks? can't be good news. details next on "news watch." ♪ when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to
to remove us. >> allies growing increasingly concerned about the recent escalation in violence. washington is urging calm. invitation an open for all political forces to participate in implementing that road map. implementation of the roadmap .nd participation while open, it requires that all parties renounce violence. >> supporters of mohamed morsi said the military must sit down before any political negotiations can take place. al qaeda posted a video message friday urging egyptian protesters to turn their backs on democracy. a radical leaders said that morsi's ouster is a proof that democracy does not work and urged the muslims in egypt to rise up in jihad against western influence. morsi's muslim brotherhood party planned more massive protests for sunday. the united states issued a worldwide travel alert warning its citizens that the al qaeda network may be planning attacks. dozens of u.s. consulates like this one will stay closed this weekend because of the increased threat. the state department says the middle east and north africa are most at risk. britain and germany have announced
and washington question mark this had been in the works for a while. >> that is right. the german government had been pushing to suspend this intelligence sharing agreement. ever since the revelations from edward snowden emerged. the agreement is not clear. we are getting mixed signals and having the foreign minister of germany saying this is a necessary consequence of the bates about privacy protection. on the other hand we are hearing that this intelligence sharing agreement was apparently a cold war relic. but it was obsolete and some are saying the significance of the suspension is largely symbolic. >> this whole nsa affair, we have seen protests across germany. that is shaping up to be a hot clinical topic. >> definitely a hot topic for the election campaign. we're seeing that the german government is under intense pressure to explain what it knew about surveillance activities. elementary oversight committees are being held on the subject. a couple more scheduled for this month. we're a few weeks away away from elections so definitely a hot topic area and >> thank you for the analysis. >> h
care act. >> on the next washington journal, a look at what congressmen will be doing on ginger xt recess with gibson. the nga with governor gary rep cent d a accountability office report found in over 3400 cases of tsa in 2012.n the we'll discuss the report for the issue, of aviation steve lord. washington journal begins live 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> this weekend on c-span -- >> i'll answer that if you tell us about your glasses. glasses. e google >> i see that. what are we doing? filming all of this. being filmed but it's being filmed by those cameras as well. good. it's >> telling mom -- your family what you're going to eat for down as soon as you look at your lunch. >> my mom made me lunch. congress began the five-week summer recess, spoke about the stalemate over the budget and debt ceiling. remarks from the house floor are half an hour. >> as the speaker knows, i'm whip.he minority as the minority whip, at the we normally week, have a colloquy between the and myself.der that colloquy is to discuss the week to come.he so discuss the priorities each side believes ought to be c
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